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Wet Junkie Dreams

Zak Ferguson

£12.80 / $18.00 (includes delivery)

Do you have Wet Dreams?
No? Oh well...sorry for asking.
Do you happen to also be a fan of H E R O I N?

No? Well, good.

Yes? Oh well, maybe take up another vice...maybe tend to your garden?

You don't have a garden, you say? Well fuck, this is embarrassing.

Read it/eat it/choke on it/survive on it/ingest it/inhale it/maybe exhale it/flick through it/finger it/lick it/burn it/misspell a few things & get angry about it/stomp your feet/turn on the microwave with nothing in it & await the sparks/then transcribe it, whatever IT is/reset it/jump from the tallest building & hope someone will catch you/do not let bullies bully you/do not let me people tell you what to read & write/stop politicising/stop policing my social media/leave me well alone with my words/my fragments/my agitation/my autism - who laughed at that?

No one, well, better not have!

Do you know what a WER JUNKIE DREAM, actually is?

Nah, me neither.


"Half of my writing should never see the light of day. When in its final and fully comped form or in its first hasty, expressive first draft. My work doesn’t translate well for readers. And, this knowledge makes me put it out. Who is to say this shouldn’t be read? I hope you can define it for myself and for your own selves" - Zak Ferguson


Praise for Zak Ferguson's Work:

"A singular and fascinating writer" - Dennis Cooper, (Author of I WISHED and THE MARBLED SWARM)

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