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Frequently Asked Questions

Many new authors and customers come to us with queries and questions on the way Sweat Drenched Press works.

We do take queries through our enquiries email  but you may wish to have a look through the FAQs on this page first.

Please feel free to post a new question using the comment function.

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Q. Are you open for submissions?

A. We are open for non-fiction submissions between 01-20 November 2022. Please see the submission process below for instructions on how to submit your piece.

Q. Can I buy the books from the press rather than through Amazon?

A. Yes, we have now managed to work a way of 'cutting out the middle man' and taking orders directly from customers


Q. What do you specialise in and what are you looking for?

A. We are looking for anyone who feels that they are unable to get their work out into the world; this is usually for writers that produce work that is not mainstream. 


Q. What format do you want me to send my work in as?

A. We usually publish books that are 5"x8" so, if your work is supposed to or is formatted to look a certain way, you will need to ensure you change the dimensions and the formatting before submitting.

Q. If you agree to publish my book, what happens next?

A. Firstly, we will have been in contact via email regarding your piece, once we have agreed that we want to accept your piece for submission, you will be sent an initial agreement for you to view and sign. (see template below) 

Once we have agreed on a publication date, we will do everything in our power to get your book out on that date. Authors receive 100% of their royalties from sales through Amazon and 60% of their royalties from sales directly through the press; sales through the press mean more royalties even at 60% than 100% through Amazon! After that, we just continue to let you know how much royalties you've earned and when it will be paid.

Q. How much does it cost to publish with you?

A. It doesn't cost anything to publish with us. However, if you wish to pay for a cover image or illustrations (using an artist/illustrator of your choice or using the Press' associate artists) you will be charged.

We send five free contributor copies to the author upon publication; any additional copies can be bought via the press at a discounted price (printing and delivery fee only)


Q. Do I need to supply a cover image or design?

A. No, not necessarily. However, we are very limited with the fonts and designs that we can take from Amazon so we recommend you speak to us first so we can show you the types of fonts available so you don't get your heart set on something that isn't possible. 

Q. Do you only accept written word pieces

A. No, we will also accept different pieces of art that have been formatted into the style of a book such as collages and photography. However, these cost more money to print so your royalties will decrease unless you sell your book for a higher price which may impact sales rates.


Q. What about Royalties?

A. Authors receive 100% of the royalties earned on Amazon purchases; amazon as a company do however take a significant cut from this. Authors receive 60% of the royalties from website purchases (direct from the Press). Despite the 60%, the royalties received by the author through the website are commonly 100%-500% more than royalties from Amazon direct (this depends on each book). 

The 40% that is taken is used for providing free contributor copies for new authors and to fund illustrations that we occasionally provide to authors for free.