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The System Compendium

Zak Ferguson

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A N anti - A N T I - A N T I - N O V E L.


I T I S A M A N I F E S T O.


A P A R O D Y.

A S A T I R E .

A C U T - U P – C O N S C I O U S N E S S - n o v e l.


????¬¬¬¬¬¬``````?????????/???????//////////\\\\\\\\\\\\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/I T I S P E T U L A N T. `/`/`/`/`/`/`/`/`/`/`/IT IS RAW. IT IS UNDEFINABLE. IT IS PURE EXPERIMENTAL-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism AUTISTI-CLITERATU\\R\E -ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism-ism...for better or for worst.

Zak Ferguson’s debut novel Eat Your Keyboard was released at the beginning of 2017, and before, during and after its release he was working furiously at writing the final two books of what Zak fully envisioned as a trilogy of books. The writing process was hard going – the book continually evolving – warping. The whole experience has been hard. Heart-wrenching. Zak wasn’t happy with it, nor felt much confidence as to the future books’ safety and the works integrity with the Press it was with initially.

Eat Your Keyboard was and continues to be a novel that has infected those of whom have read it. Many have enquired as to whether there are follow ups. Zak has reassured many, for the last two to three years, that the book was forthcoming. Alas, it wasn’t. So much had gone on between the first book and the ever changing two books that were bristling in anticipation, to mess up the readers it knew it could corrupt – Zak was undecided about the books fate.

After much turmoil and strife, both professionally and personally, Zak burnt out. The only thing that kept him going was the notion that he could now set up shop and continue on his career as a writer – but, wishing to add Publisher to his resume. And the Eat Your Keyboard cycle was not going to fade, it was going to be at the epicentre as to why he wanted to publish his own works.


Since then, starting his own Press, Zak has released 7 novels – though, no signs of the EYK follow ups/re-issues were made clear – to anyone, nor himself.

Over the past few years Zak has worked almost every single day on his 600-page experimental novel – that collects all three books of the EYK trilogy.

The difference is, the book is one big compendium, with new art exclusively made for this books release by Carlos Davila, and special adverts shoved in by DB Spitzer – to lend this book a whole new identity. And a few crappy pieces of artwork from Zak’s end, but, lets see if you can spot them?


If you have read EYK, not only do you get a new, expanded, re-written (like the best re-released experimental cut-up novels) novel, you get both of the follows up, DESTROY YOUR KEYBOARD and DISGORGE YOUR KEYBOARD - a wholly NEW huge beast of a book to weigh down your children when they won’t keep still, or to hold open a bank vaults door as you steal its contents – that, or it just makes your already heaving bookshelves bow under its madness.


As a person with a diagnosis of Autism, Zak strived to create a book that gives the reader the closest thing to an autistic experience, as possible, a roller-coaster ride that Zak experiences on a daily basis, a psychological and mental challenge that has been shaped into a physical form. The reader will feel most things associated with Autism by immersing themselves into Zak’s world and writing.


Praise for Zak Ferguson’s work:


"Zak Ferguson's writing is like letting an electric virus invade your central nervous system. Nothing is left intact. You are left wiped out and ready to reboot. It's wonderful." – Seb Doubinsky (Author of Missing Signal and THE INVISIBLE)


“The System Compendium is far and away the most ambitious thing I can remember reading for some time, and certainly one of the most ambitious contemporary books I’ve read in a number of years. Maximalist to the hilt and as expressive as a gob of milky spit in the face of a court-ordered psychiatrist, this is a book to live within and with, an author to keep close.” - Grant Maierhofer (Author of PERIPATET, GAG, CLOG)


“Not often does new fiction come to this world so fully formed and peculiar in its execution. Zak Ferguson’s work confuses me on the deepest levels- and I would not have it any other way- as it twists a thread of visceral narrative layers only to break it and start anew. Ferguson dredges the most specific and proscribed shapes and images to page, stilting and rendered through oblique and haunting vantage, riddled through to the baser aspects of the conscious and condensing as something more. Writers like this are born to it, when one might suspect a heritage- Bataille, Lautréamont, Bulgakov, or Burroughs- but also with a surprisingly delicate touch. Manic images somehow increasingly specific, like intimate sea-divers setting off a light-pulse from within a leviathan, merging with genres like science fiction or metaphysics and rant. It is writing that burns itself”. – Jared Pappas Kelley (Author of SOLVENT FORM)

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