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Kenji Siratori

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Praise for Paracelsus

“Kenji Siratori’s texts are time-machines accelerating the reader into futural enclaves where eternity is always behind us. Like the mad time of Quentin Meillassoux the future is always now, a dimension of epistemic creation rather than some vector of a passive equation. Do not confuse it with the old constructivist agendas, this is a time-machine situated neither in nor out of time but rather in the in-between. Welcome to Alice’s grand adventure… the black mirror of reality was never so fun as it is now.” 

Steven Craig Hickman


"In Kenji Siratori’s Paracelsus, the text itself is a regenerating dead thing cutting into itself to release the chaos of the astral dimensions. It says, "i am a corpse i can start your decentralised thing organ death is dramatic schizophrenia as necromancy." this is the alchemical art in the skin of a demonic grimoire to infect you with the magical alphabet, turning you inside out - to glimpse the solar anus. A truly unique startling work."

- Tom Bland, author of Camp Fear

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