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Interiors for ? Mark IV

Zak Ferguson

£11.00 / $13.80 (includes delivery)

The final book in the Interiors book series. Where Metaphysics, Philosophy, the inter-inter-inter-inter-interior-expansive-overt-expansive-cosmic-inter-I/N/T/E/Riorssssssssssssssssssss-inter-RIORs-Equations-56666888888=========-Satire-Non-Fiction-Essays-Cut-Up-Collage-Semiotics-Ontological-Phenomenological-Illogical-ill/i/L/l-are offered-break down, mind, no mind, all mind. Art is the future. Expression=Expansion of avenues of pathways of opening ups of a variant and varietal osmosis of genetics where words make up known connotations where. . .this book is all up for interpretation.