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Interiors for ? Mark iii

Zak Ferguson

£10.50 / $13.70 (includes delivery)

The third part in the (Experimental, Pseudo-Non-Fiction, Innovative, Essay-Critique, Fictionally-F*cked-Up-) INTERIORS FOR ?Quadrilogy, where Zak Ferguson reaffirms, redesigns, alters, surveys, waffles on about the relationship of text, interior design and formation of a book, rediscovering the alternate dimensions of the book-space and all those great avenues of thought, interpretation, philosophy of the book and its overall dimensionality. It is full of meta-critical-evaluation, meta-fiction, born from such a construction- such as a place of de-con-struct-ion, ION-/i/o/n-contained, offered, delivered, via the physical form of a paperback novel. |Full| of| T/Y/P/O/S and error error errors-full of mess and mess and mess and mess and mess and mess and mess and mess.

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