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exTERIORs of an Autistic Mind

Zak Ferguson

£12.70 / $15.60 (includes delivery)

The follow-up to Zak Ferguson's Non-Best-Selling Book Series: Interiors for ?


Praise for exTERIORs of an Autistic Mind

“Zak Ferguson’s exTERIORs of an Autistic Mind is both a novel object and an objection to the novel. As an object, it blocks and complicates the free flow of stimuli that we wish to manage and contain as we experience the every day. That is, it is an ex-centric piece of writing as a tribute to the overwhelming and overwhelmed. As an objection to contemporary fiction, exTERIORs is at once autofiction, science fiction, comedy, experimental notebook, teleplay, metafiction, textual concretism, Thanatos, Eros, and, simply put, provocation. Unsentimentally intimate in its extimacy, it is against the barrage of semantic categorizations levied from within and without. Rather than documenting the beauty and terror of the outside invading the obsessions and ruminations of the inside (and vice versa), exTERIORs enacts it. “We are all inexplicably made up of water,” Ferguson notes, a declaration he follows by offering a series of questions: “Why can we hold ourselves together? Why are we not part of the blue planet’s vast network of waterways and vast expanses of ocean and sea?” The novel offers a response as a testament that is at once highly personal yet singularly universal: we are, and we can’t." - Andrew C. Wenaus (Author of The Literature of Exclusion: Dada, Data, and the Threshold of Electronic Literature)

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