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N. Casio Poe

£10.79/$14.45 (Includes Delivery)

A sprawling yet succinct encapsulation of the voracious parasocial uroboros between the destruction birthed by cultures and the cultures birthed by destruction.

Simone Vanique (Laconique)


Gushes it's bleeding edge with the declarative misanthropy of ever-hobbled creatives who have finally breached the equestrian kill-floors of their prolonged artistic blocks. 

S. Delancey Allprick (Gash Ladder)


The headspace of its narrative mutates in perpetuity... irrevocably consumed by obsessions with hidden folklore and obscure media, growing more and more unhinged and dangerous. 

Montel Draughts (Don't Get Attached)


Erects a bilious through line which webs the arteries of universes remembered and forgotten... real and imagined... raising their conjoined alarm by sharing among them this one long cold hard dream. 

Matthew Kaleb (BLEAKMEAT)


With BLUE YOLK, the invisible hand of the CRINGE MYTHOS lunges from the gloom to drag you jugular-first into occupying the forced perspective of the most singularly malignant iteration of The Underground Man to ever trespass beyond the margins of society's insistent blind spots. 

Darla Ng (Underphale magazine)