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The Men in My Life

Garth Simmons

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Garth Simmons

“The men in your life will shape you.”

That’s what Grandma Shedlocker told her.

“Be normal, keep your head down, don’t let anyone think you’re weird.”
That’s what Rachel told her about how NOT to get killed.

So she tried to fit in – guess what? It didn't work.
So she tried to escape – guess what? Nowhere to go.

So she tried to fit in again. No chance.

Real people can't fake it.

Time for decisive action.

Time to take the offensive.

Time to make some changes.

Is it hopeless? Maybe... but whatever happens she's still the best artist you’ll ever meet.



“If Sarah Coalgate isn’t the most important figure of ALL time, then she’s at least the most REAL. Her powerful, EPIC, monumental story redefines HISTORY like a nuclear warhead blasting all the way back to the time of the DINOSAURS! At times intimidating, at times comic, at times poignant, at times tragic, at times jubilantly victorious as she lands punch after punch into ALL established social and psychic establishments! The Men In My Life will shape us!” (Daniel Blum, BA Honours)