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[Ruptured] >> Schematic << MAZES

Joshua Martin

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Joshua Martin's book is a collection of experimental texts utilizing a variety of formal techniques to create an illogical accumulation of disorienting pieces. The book uses prose, cut-up text, collage, radical juxtapositions, and word collisions with an emphasis on playing with various poetic forms, as well as language itself.

{Ruptured} Schematic MAZES is steeped in the tradition of DADA, Surrealism, Russian Futurism, and L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E in an attempt to create a unique poetic work that is as much about visual presentation and playfulness as it is linguistic experiments. This book is an exercise in anti-consumerism and anti-realism with its radical resistance to traditional language, syntax, design, and layout.