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Looking for a Kiss

Richard Cabut

£13.50 / $17.80 (includes delivery)

Looking for a Kiss is an 80s post-punk London novel.

Set in Camden, Camberwell and New York, the book is a fabulous chronicle of speed, madness and flying saucers (Warhol/Edie Sedgwick reference) – acid, pop art, teenage perversity, the nature of melancholy, breakdown, breakup and breakout, the Spectacle, bathroom functions, clairvoyance, personality crises, primal scenes, screams and schemes, the eternal quest for cool and the endless search for redemption. And much more.

Complete and unexpurgated.

‘Brilliant. Amphetamine sharp,’ Johny Brown, Resonance FM radio host and vocalist with the Band of Holy Joy

‘A Jarmanesque journey in Vivienne Westwood heels, to love’s shrine,’ David Erdos, International Times

'Cabut's lines are as urban as the Soho Cafes he prowls. In the shadow of Jarman, Westwood and the forever fried Bacon, seeking sensation and the kiss of the cool and the cowed.' David Erdos, International Times

‘A stunning, tour-de-force. Beautiful prose. Dragged me over coals but soothed me with balm,’ Paul T Kirk (Akatombo)

‘The same swagger as Henry Miller … more haunting,’ – Ulrika Nappér, poet

‘His sharp Gaussian blurred fiction can sometimes be unsettling. Reading this novel sometimes felt like I was dreaming a nightmare together with the writer. But this is an ideal guide to the mood and flavour of that sick mess of time of passer-by destruction and dustbin flowers.

‘As far as I am concerned – this is a crucial account of the post-Pistols punk era from an actual WRITER.’ – PT Madden, artist. Madden’s photographic piece Sex Pistols April 1976 was shown in 2014 at London’s Wilkinson Gallery. (He was at the Pistols’ very first gig, and his photographs of the band’s 3 April 1976 Nashville show were featured at the exhibition).

‘Like a bitter sweet Coltrane solo crashing into Einstürzende Neubauten. Books like Looking for a Kiss are a flare in the dark.’ – Malcolm Paul, writer.

‘A drug-fuelled beat/punk, love/hate story. Like (say) Kerouac, it’s shot through with sadness. Not just the comedown, but the inability to bridge the gulf between the enlightened moment of Beatitude, and the bleak surroundings you exist in the rest of the time: “[Jarman’s] Jubilee led Robert to think that even if there is pattern and substance in the universe, this substance is meant to be hallucinatory and arcane.”’ – Paul Gorman, Into the Gyre, literary blog.

‘William Burroughs meets brigandage – fantastic stuff,’ Christine Donovan, author

Finished reading the book Looking for a Kiss. I say reading, I mean reliving the feel of it. Had to take it a page or two at a time because of the intensity and rawness – I didn’t want to miss any bit of its power. It is an existential triumph,’ – Tony Drayton (Tony D.), editor, Ripped & Torn.

‘Looking for a Kiss is the read of the year. It is truly an exceptional book.
A great book. Original. Packed full of images/reflections /ideas – raw emotions.

‘Like a prize fighter pacing his bout. Relentless pacing then bam beautifully placed jabs that send you reeling. Upper cuts /kidney punches and the hay makers.

‘I love and understand the characters, Robert and Marlene – they don't need the services of Relate they need a visit from the 'Son of Sam'. Suicide bombers in The House of Love. It's a great experience. Not a comfortable one. Like an early Polanski film. It has the same erotic/violent suspense as Knife in the Water.' Malcolm Paul, writer.

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