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Interiors for ? Mark ii

Zak Ferguson

£8.00 / $10.40 (includes delivery)

This book is about experimental literature, and its inter-inter-inter-inter--relationship with images, spaces, interiors and the ontology of not just words but their relation to the physical book and its form. pART 2 OF THE foUR-bOOK SERIES- iNTERIORS fOR ?


Praise for Interiors for ? mark ii: "Interiors for ? Mark ii is a passionate experiment of form / structure / narrative. Navigating the interiority of the text, investigating the semiotics of the white-page and black-ink. Ferguson builds this machine with a steady hand. He converts the interiors of the head into the interiors of the text. Mapping this newly-formed space with the energy of a dadaist manifesto--employing the techniques of collage and cut-up to create simultaneously entrancing and enigmatic images. All of this revealing the fragility of the book-object. The inclinations of language to break down and distort / the limitations and potentialities of its construction.Interiors for ? Mark ii is an exciting exploration of what can be planted within text, what can be grown, seeded, destroyed." - Mike Corrao, author of Gut Text and Man, Oh Man

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