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Frozen Meat

James Knight

£10.80 / $13.40 (includes delivery)

Frozen Meat embodies the paradoxical stasis and explosiveness of language. ​

​The written word, fixed to the page, convulses with the volatility of meaning. The human body, categorised zoologically, biologically, socially, philosophically, is a sigil forever thrust into newness by the violence of life processes, and by the limited conscious control we exercise over its movements. ​

​Frozen Meat could be considered a musical score, the static expression of acoustic events unfolding in time.

The sequence of visual poems is structured in distinct movements containing unstable motifs, punctuated by little deaths, moments of silence.

The reader is encouraged to read these corporeal and linguistic symbols in silence or out loud, or to perform them in any way that comes to mind, as paroxysmal theatre, howling stand-up routine or dissonant symphony...

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