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Darling Delinquents: An Anthology

£12.60 / $17.00 (includes delivery)

Darling Delinquents is SDP's first official Anthology.


The Anthology uses the books interiority as a museum space for a rare species of artist/writer,  giving you the opportunity to enter their minds, worlds and obsessions.


This book features work by a wide variety of artists from across the globe. Writers, prosaists, poets and visual-artists inhabit this book with work that can only be called delinquent...darling

Darling Delinquents has everything and nothing that will engage your synapses.  

All proceeds go towards SDP’s piggybank to ensure we can continue the work we do over the next year or two.


This Anthology is a coming together of artists and collaborators in the spirit of creative union rather than earning money for a Press;  a passion-project all involved have contributed to,

knowing that the small amount of royalties we receive goes towards the Press and its running.

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