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Michael Farrell Smith & Albuquerque, New Mexico

Michael Farrell Smith lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the city that is his active collaborator for this unique work. Smith is the author of photo-history book Towns of the Sandia Mountains (2006), and cohost of the long-running podcast City on the Edge. His memoir essays have been published in Tin House, Booth, New Delta Review, and many others, and he has been at work for twelve years so far on an epic two-volume experimental multiform maximalist autobiography/Künstlerroman, Shadows of Clouds on the Mountains. (June: Reading a City is also just part of one of that work’s 59 main chapters.) Smith is the father of four, and married to the acclaimed musician Mauro Woody, a.k.a. Lady Uranium, a.k.a. half of the band Lady XY.

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