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Garth Simmons

Garth left his home town of Doncaster at the age of 11 because he was sick of getting “bashed” at school. He didn't take well to life on the road, so after hitch hiking all the way to Bradford he decided to live on the trains. During this five year period of dodging conductors on the Trans Pennine Trail, he began his writing career in a notepad entitled On The Tracks. This notepad has since been destroyed in a cathartic fire, along with his oversized, pink bomber jacket.


He left the train life at the age of 16, when his poem, I am Shuga Hart won the Liverpool Cyberboi Award. He then studied Fine Art at the University of Scarborough; where he developed Garfism; a brave – but mostly unknown – cutting edge aesthetic. This has since implemented into his painting, collage, installation, and pattern design (the latter featured in the 2015 Golden Globes).


His creative career could have been curtailed when he tried to burn down the local post office – to stop it from “sending signals” - but during his unfortunate liaisons with the law he wrote hundreds of confounding and supposedly interwoven short stories; these were later published in his collection Hole Punch in 2020. And now, his innovative epic The Men In My Life is brought to you by SDP.


These days, he divides his free time between writing fiction, making art, performing Magick, fostering for the local cat shelter, and hosting a podcast called Slanderhour [SeMi] with Mark Simpson and Jim John Harkness.


Garth's 'The Men in My Life' is available to order now. View The Men in My Life order page for further information including how to purchase your copy!

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